Hofstra University and its surrounding Communities

Hofstra University is located in the towns of Uniondale and Hempstead. We looked at the relationship that exists between Hofstra University and the two towns.

An infograph about the Hempstead-Uniondale Communities:

A storify that brings in stories from major media outlets and comments and reponses from students that go to Hofstra:
Slide show

Article about crime in Hempstead:
Hofstra University the Problem with Crime

Video Highlighting a organization that is part of Hofstra University and the Hempstead Community:
Hempstead for Hofstra-Hofstra for Hempstead

State of the Union- 2014 Live-blog

Here’s a live-blog of President Obama’s State of the Union Address. The entire speech can be seen here.

10:10 Help veterans transition from the military to a job at home.

10:06 Talked about Iran. Investigations show Iran is not building nuclear weapon.

10:03  Reform surveillance programs so that people’s privacy is not violated.

10:00 He than talked about US military operations in Afghanistan and middle east. Also said the US will work hard to combat the evolving form of terrorism.

9:58 Obama said that he will work without Congress to stop shootings like Sandy Hook.

9:57 Votes should drive democracy not bank accounts.

9:54 People in the room cheered when Obama said the American people do not like to fight old battles. Obama said he does not want to see another 47 votes to overturn a law that is helping people.

9:47 Obama said that he will not wait for Congress to act. Will use executive action to raise new federal contractors minimum wage to at least $10.10.

9:44   Women deserve every opportunity.

9:32 Obama said that climate change is a fact.

9:24 Tax reform is a must. We need to fix tax loop holes that help big business. Jobs needs to be brought back to the U.S.

9:21 Introduced Michelle Obama. Congratulated her on her achievements as First Lady.

9:19  Obama said that there is a lot that still needs to be done for those who are still unemployed and also talked about minimum wages.

9:17  Obama said that we need to stop arguing over the size of the federal government. And that shutting down the government does not do good by the American people.

9:12  Obama is introduced by Speaker Boehner

9:08  President Obama enters the room and everyone is cheering

9:03  Congressmen entered the chamber and greeted each other.